Important Reminders

About Your Child

  1. Infant/Toddlers- Any child prone to bowel accidents, no matter what the child’s age, must wear approved swim pants. Wearing approved swim pants, which are tight around legs and waist, insures that feces will not get into the pool. In the event that feces do get into the pool, the pool must be shut down and all remaining lessons that day canceled. Child should arrive with diaper under the swim pants. Just before your child swims take the diaper off. My inventory for swim pants and googles is low. Please check with me before your lessons to see if I have these items in stock. Swim pants are sold according to the child's weight ( No infant/toddler will be allowed in the water without pre-approved swim pants. You should buy them before the first day of lessons.

  2. Illness- If your child has had diarrhea the previous day or day of the scheduled lesson, you will need to cancel your lesson. I will make up any lesson due to this illness. Please read our safety information about Recreational Water Illness


  4. Infections – Eye infections of any nature are not allowed in the pool. Any sores or open cuts must be brought to my attention.

  5. Sunscreen – Parents, please do not put sunscreen on your child. If you want to guard against the sun have your child wear a rash guard shirt in the water. Sunscreen makes your child slippery in the water and it is very important that I maintain a good grip on your child.

  6. All new clients must speak with me by phone before scheduling lessons. It is imperative that all clients know the policies and procedures of the Swimming for Life Swim School.

About Our Home

  1. Please do not speed in our subdivision. Speed limit is 25 mph.

  2. Please park in the cul-de-sac or in front of our house. Be careful of the sprinklers. I ask that you be courteous and don’t park in our neighbor’s yards.

  3. The driveway is reserved for pregnant moms with more that one child or individuals with special needs. Please don’t block anyone in the driveway.

  4. Bathroom – we only have one available and it is inside the house. It is for emergency use only. Parents, you must escort your child to and from the bathroom, no matter how old the child. If the weather is cold you may change your child inside. Be quick in the bathroom as there is always someone who will need to use it!

  5. Food – Please, no food on deck. Ants have become a problem. No glass bottles. Plastic water bottles are fine.

About The Lessons

  1. Rain- We swim in the rain but NOT LIGHTNING! Call ahead if you have any doubts about the weather. If you get voicemail, I am in the water and we are swimming. I will make every effort to call you if we have to cancel.

  2. Make-up lessons are a courtesy. Group lessons cannot be made up unless I cancel the group due to lightning. There will be no make-up lessons for “No Shows.”

  3. Lessons start on time and end on time!

  4. I will not take any reservations over the phone. Please, don’t ask! Once I receive your registration form and your deposit, I will email your confirmation to you. If the date and time that you have requested has been filled, I will call you to arrange a new date and time.

  5. Please make checks payable to Harrison Swim School

Important Reminders